Venture Ad Network Ltd.

is a full-service digital advertising company specializing in driving traction and performance for public companies.

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We pair
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with flawless execution across an integrated advertising landscape. With multi-channel options, we are able to effectively match investors to their investments of choice.


Supported Targeting
What Sets Us Apart


Venture Ad Network can target country and location, latitude & longitude, or even focus on specific IP addresses and users


We have the ability to target specific brands, models, and types of devices; localized targeting allows us to target anything from a particular generation of iPhones to specific makes and models of tablets or desktops

Device OS/Browser

Android, iOS , Windows etc. for OS and Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc. for Browser


We can select between all IAB standard categories

Time of Day Scheduling

Utilizing our extensive data resources, we can target your audience according to months, seasons, or weeks surrounding an event or specific hours of each day

Wifi/Carrier Targeting

Target your campaign for specific mobile carriers, Wi-Fi areas and hotspots, or specific carrier traffic

Exchanges / Publishers

Target your campaign for particular exchanges or and/or direct publishers

Cherry Pick App/Site

Blacklist or whitelist a site or apps from any exchange

Our Partners

Our partnerships with premium publishers are the foundation of our company. Our pride in showcasing them is surpassed only by our respect for their standing with audiences around the world.

Ad Exchanges –  We are partnered with the world’s largest ad exchanges, allowing us to bid on ads and purchase inventory in real time.

Data Providers - Our partnership with so many data providers allows Venture Ad Network to increase campaign efficiency by identifying desired audiences and allotting ad spend accordingly.

Who We Are?

Susan M. Lavertu has been at the forefront of innovation in the Internet Marketing industry for the past decade. Her experience is comprehensive and includes expertise in every facet of business development on the web.

She is dedicated to producing the highest level of work for her clients and enjoys the one-on-one connection she develops with each customer.

She has a highly successful and international track record working with some of the world’s most recognizable brands

Her first array into the field of advertising began when she moved to Milan, Italy and enrolled at the Milan Institute of Design, where she was fortunate enough to study directly with Angelo Russica, famous longtime assistant to and protégé of Gianni Versace. She designed everything from company logos to wedding dresses, and a few months later landed a position with Credico International, one of the largest marketing and advertising company in the Western Europe.

Within a year Susan would be named Project Director for her first major client, Enel Energia, Italy’s largest energy company

This success proved to be the first of many, in her collaboration with Credico International, in North America and Europe, where she served as a consultant for their Fundraising and NGO division. She worked with organizations such as Save the Children, Médicos del Mundo, and Unicef, just to name a few.

In 2015 Susan was recruited by Mozart Consulting Inc., to fill their newest position, President of Online Marketing & Events. There she was tasked with not only design and construction of the program, but also client acquisition, project execution and brand management. During her tenure there, Susan executed over 60 successful online and event marketing programs for some of the world’s leading companies, including HelloFresh, The Humane Society, Xfinity, The Nature Conservatory, and Assurance Wireless.

An Accredited Investor herself, Susan has maintained an active portfolio in the TSX Venture Exchange since 2013

Throughout her investment research, Susan was consistently surprised at the lack of highly professional, pervasive, and targeted online advertising being deployed in the junior mining industry. In 2017, Susan left Mozart Consulting to begin her own startup, Venture Ad Network Ltd., a digital advertising company.

Through Venture Ad Network she plans to bring the same level of excellent, highly effective advertising to the Canadian public markets that is currently enjoyed by the world’s major corporations and brands.

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